About the Founder


If you asked me ten years ago where I would be now, the answer wouldn't have included being a full-time and self-employed business owner of a digital marketing agency. Yet here we are. Life is funny that way, isn't it?

I was on track to be a music educator for life, as a middle school band teacher. But as you might imagine, the education system has become a beast of its own, taking down a lot of passionate (& good!) teachers in its path.

With bachelors and masters degrees in music education and pedagogy from two very respectful higher education institutions, I was essentially married to a career of teaching music, and it was something I was truly excited about. And it was a path I was on since I was in 5th grade! (seriously).

In my classroom, my students found themselves, thrived and found confidence. They learned a new skill they once never possessed, and made bonds with their peers on a whole new level. It allowed me to connect humans, and connected TO humans. Thats what I love.

But just like with anything, I encountered many things just not quite right with the state of education, with factors that made it continually harder to do my job effectively. So despite being obsessed with my work as a middle school band teacher and LOVING my students to the core, I knew I had to walk away.

But walking away from a career I was currently STILL paying for with student loans seemed daunting and quite frankly, dumb. And along with the extra security a teaching job brought such as health insurance, retirement, and regular paychecks, it seemed even crazier to walk away.

But let's use the word "security" loosely here, shall we? With COVID in full swing and performing arts budgets on the chopping blocks, I was definitely questioning my sense of "security.

So instead, I chose to invest in myself; both financially and with my time. I developed new skills. I honed my tech-savviness, and leaned into my intuition that I just had to get OUT.

In 2020, I taught my final year (remotely mind you...picture remote band class...) for the 2020-2021 school year, while simultaneously growing my company, originally, Fortissimo Ad Strategy.

Side bar here...any musicians out there? Then you can then make the connection between my company name and my past life as a music educator! And for those who may not know, a teachable moment: "fortissimo" is a music term to indicate to play very loudly, or with a lot of strength. So here, we apply the same principle of that term to our digital strategy. "Forte" means strong/loud, and "fortissimo" is the next level beyond that, indicating even more!

Continuing on...

So after I completed the 2020-2021 school year, I handed in my letter of resignation (that had been written in some form since September of that year, mind you). I haven't looked back since.

From then up until now, there's been a ton of growth at Fortissimo Digital which shows in how our clients succeed. A few examples include helping a local school startup get off the ground with a cohesive brand identity, an informative and highly functional new website ,and a marketing plan to get donors, students enrolled and staff hired. We supported a local HVAC company to have their BEST month ever through a full funnel strategy using Facebook Ads. We helped two eco-tourism companies in Puerto Rico draw in consistently increased sales, even during their normal hurricane season slow months through both Facebook and Google Ads, again capitalizing on both social media and search traffic. We helped a local wedding venue drastically increase their inquiries and bookings with a brand new user-friendly website, as well as lead generation on Facebook and Google Ads. For this client in particular, inquiries increased so much that they required a full-time dedicated sales person to support the change! And lastly, I'll mention our local non-profit boating school client who increased their summer camp enrollments with lead generation through Facebook Ads, which required additional coaching staff because of the increased enrollment!

Looking forward, my vision for the company is to lead employees who are proud to be a part of the team, who feel respected by one another and by the leadership, and feel empowered and joyful to do their best work for our clients. I envision clients who always feel well cared for by us with their best interest in mind.

Experiencing the epic failures of my past school administration was terrible at the time, but it also taught me everything about the type of leader I don't want to be. And truthfully it was a part of my journey that I feel was important.

So when you look at our home page talking about "The Fortissimo Way", the thing in there about "People First" is real. Unfortunately, I was treated badly as a teacher, and I know what that is like. Our company is different because we will always be kind and generous with both employees and clients. We have the shared goal of making things better for both our and the people who are a part of them.

I hope to see you on the inside!